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Ecommerce has no borders: with online marketplaces, you can watch your business grow both domestically and in new markets.  In this video, James Storie-Pugh, Ecommerce Director at Pivot, discusses why you should be selling on online marketplaces as part of your strategic global expansion plan, in addition to your branded ecommerce website. He covers:  Why sellers should consider online […]

The holiday season is approaching, and that means holiday sales. If you’re running a marketplace shop, this is probably the most profitable season of the entire year for you. Preparation is critical, so let’s take a look at some of the most important things you can do to get your business ready for Christmas success. […]

The importance of a good delivery strategy (particularly in the ecommerce landscape) is becoming more and more obvious.  Everyone has a story to tell about that missed birthday gift or a beautiful dress that arrived too late for a special occasion. How many of these customers have shopped again at the same shop or with […]

Over 4,000 ecommerce merchants, including Internet Retailing’s Top 500 (IR500), took part in a survey by Magento, eBay and Marketing Sherpa, on where their ecommerce marketing budget is allocated. Let’s have a look. [H3] SEO and paid search Interestingly, ecommerce brands are spending between 10% and 24% of their budget on SEO. The average ecommerce […]

[H1] ECOMMERCE DELIVERY IN ITALY: WHAT DO LOCAL CONSUMERS EXPECT? Italians may be renowned for their love of fashion, but when it comes to ecommerce delivery in Italy, what are local consumers’ expectations? HAPPY DELIVERIES, EQUALS HAPPY CUSTOMERS Delivery satisfaction is a stong indicator for future purchases and ongoing consumer loyalty. Italians view deliveries as […]

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