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When talking about selling – online or offline – visibility is the key. The same is true on eBay: being noticed is the first step of every purchase journey. Enhancing your visibility, especially at key periods of the shopping calendar, is vital: fully understanding eBay’s Promote Your Listings tool can be an ace up the […]

Ecommerce has no borders: with online marketplaces, you can watch your business grow both domestically and in new markets.  In this video, James Storie-Pugh, Ecommerce Director at Pivot, discusses why you should be selling on online marketplaces as part of your strategic global expansion plan, in addition to your branded ecommerce website. He covers:  Why sellers should consider online […]

The holiday season is approaching, and that means holiday sales. If you’re running a marketplace shop, this is probably the most profitable season of the entire year for you. Preparation is critical, so let’s take a look at some of the most important things you can do to get your business ready for Christmas success. […]

The importance of a good delivery strategy (particularly in the ecommerce landscape) is becoming more and more obvious.  Everyone has a story to tell about that missed birthday gift or a beautiful dress that arrived too late for a special occasion. How many of these customers have shopped again at the same shop or with […]

Over 4,000 ecommerce merchants, including Internet Retailing’s Top 500 (IR500), took part in a survey by Magento, eBay and Marketing Sherpa, on where their ecommerce marketing budget is allocated. Let’s have a look. [H3] SEO and paid search Interestingly, ecommerce brands are spending between 10% and 24% of their budget on SEO. The average ecommerce […]

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