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Innovation has always been at the heart of the We Are Pentagon Group, and we continuously evaluate how we can help our clients accelerate their online growth.

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Meet Fruugo: the marketplace on a mission to simplify cross border trade


For brands and retailers looking to expand internationally, online giants such as Amazon and eBay are often the first marketplaces which spring to mind. But what other key marketplace players can help you sell online?

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How VAT Can Impact Your Ecommerce Business When Selling Cross-border


E-commerce is fast becoming a dominant sector in terms of growth. Accounting for 12% of total retail sales worldwide and predicted to surge to 17.5% by 2021.

Just look at Amazon, which is reaching its 25th Birthday and getting close to being valued at a whopping 1 trillion dollars, overtaking Apple.

As more and more companies jump on the e-commerce wagon and with the ease of selling cross-border online, governments are looking to ensure every penny is pocketed.

In recent years, cross-border tax fraud has become a concern for authorities, this is due to the rise of e-tailors and the loopholes of the current VAT system.

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Pentagon talks to Amazon best selling author Sarah Carroll


Pentagon’s Managing Director Europe, Graham Broughton, managed to grab some time with Amazon best selling author, Sarah Carroll, to explore why some online sellers are more successful than others when growing globally, how to avoid key pitfalls of international expansion and to discuss her book ‘Grow Fast, Grow Global: 6 steps to unstoppable international growth in the digital age’ .

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Do you have a strategy for promotions on eBay?


What is better: a codeless coupon or a sale event? eBay offers many and flexible promotions to meet your marketing needs. Make sure you fully understand each promotion to get the most of it and drive your eBay sales growth. Get noticed today

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