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Southeast Asia boasts the world’s third largest population, has an income per capita that exceeds the global average and a highly tech-savvy population with increased purchasing power. Couple this with the limited access to physical malls in the region consumers are turning to ecommerce sites to get their hands on those most sought after global […]

Ecommerce in the Middle East is expect to reach as much as $10bn by 2018 and is increasingly becoming a viable destination for cross-border trade, particularly for retailers who are able to capitalise on first mover advantage. The young, tech savvy population are calling out for wider product range and as millennials’ purchasing power increases, […]

This post has been provided by our partner World First, an award-winning foreign exchange specialist that help online sellers get more for their money when making currency transfers. Online sellers are facing a daunting couple of months of uncertainty leading up to the UK referendum on EU membership. With the UK media currently embroiled in […]

By 2025, ecommerce in Africa is expect to represent as much as 10% of all retail sales in the continent’s largest economies. Couple this with a rapid increase in mobile penetration and desire for more product range, Africa could present a fantastic opportunity for retailers looking to capitalise on first mover advantage in the region. […]



As Russia becomes an increasingly attractive market to online retailers operating across various categories, we take a look at the leading marketplaces you should consider selling on when expanding into Russia.

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Over 21% of Russia’s 144 million consumers actively shop online, searching for more competitive prices and product diversity than is available in physical stores. Current the most popular categories in the region are books, electronics, home appliances, mom & kids, sporting goods, apparel and shoes. Since online marketplaces play a key role in the Russian […]

Continuing to hold a firm position as the second fastest developing ecommerce market worldwide, Latin America is a region that is increasingly being shaped by a growing middle class that are eager for a broader selection of quality goods at more competitive prices. The improved internet connectivity and increased mobile penetration in the region have […]