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[H1] ECOMMERCE DELIVERY IN ITALY: WHAT DO LOCAL CONSUMERS EXPECT? Italians may be renowned for their love of fashion, but when it comes to ecommerce delivery in Italy, what are local consumers’ expectations? HAPPY DELIVERIES, EQUALS HAPPY CUSTOMERS Delivery satisfaction is a stong indicator for future purchases and ongoing consumer loyalty. Italians view deliveries as […]

[INTERVIEW] CEO explains why ZigZag is revolutionising returns


Today as part of our ‘Pentagon in conversation with…’ series, we are talking to Al Gerrie, CEO and Co-Founder of Shoptalk Europe’s start up of the year ZigZag Global. He shares insights into why getting returns right is so crucial for retailers and how Zigzag can save time, money and waste.

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Today at Pentagon, we are delighted to be talking with Al Gerrie, CEO and Co-Founder of Shoptalk Europe’s start up of the year ZigZag Global.   Hi Al! In a few words, please can you describe why retailers should be paying attention to ZigZag? ZigZag is revolutionising the way that retailers handle returns. We helping […]

The 9 unmissable holiday tips for sellers


Holiday tips for sellers! Getting prepared for the holiday season is an important step for every seller, online and offline. But consumer trends are changing fast, so check out our top tips to stay competitive this holiday season.

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Consumer trends are changing fast, so to remain competitive retailers need to embrace these rapid changes. In this blog we have distilled some essential holiday tips for sellers wanting to remain competitive during the holiday season. TIP 1: Make multichannel advertising a priority It has been a long time since retail was a single channel experience, so why […]

How do sellers empower large platforms to ‘surface’ their products whilst provide their customers with a more interesting and relevant shopping experience? … using the GTIN. eBay’s drive to add product identifiers – GTINs – to their listings pages is part of their wider structured data project. By organising your product in a structured way, […]

Do you have a strategy for promotions on eBay?


What is better: a codeless coupon or a sale event? eBay offers many and flexible promotions to meet your marketing needs. Make sure you fully understand each promotion to get the most of it and drive your eBay sales growth. Get noticed today

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eBay is not only one of the biggest online marketplaces, it is also one of the most heavily trafficked websites worldwide. So making sure you have a clear launch strategy for a new product, can be the difference between huge sales success and mediocre results. Tapping into the promotion and deals tools on eBay is […]