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Marketplace focus: Lazada Group


Have a look at Lazada, the marketplace that is quickly becoming Southeast Asia’s most important ecommerce platform. You can easily reach Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia with a trusted local player: new opportunities are waiting for you.

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The German group, Lazada, is aiming to become the Amazon of Southeast Asia; in other words, a complete ecommerce ecosystem. The group, backed by companies like J.P. Morgan Asset Managements, Tesco and Holtzbrinck, has already launched several marketplaces covering Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia to serve an important and diversified group of customers, […]

Today, as part of his International SEO series, Ben Morgan, Head of Partnerships at Pricesearcher, explores the key considerations of international SEO to help boost online sales. If you missed his first blog on Web Domain Authority you can check it out here.   International SEO considerations – “Giving your site greater trust with search engines internationally” This […]

You have just missed the Japanese Golden [Week] opportunity


Golden Week denotes a period of national holidays in Japan, and sales of travel accessories and gifts see a sharp increase. This shopping culture has now become a fundamental part of the Golden Week festivities, so we explore how Western retailers can capitalise on this booming retail opportunity.

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You have just missed the Golden [Week] opportunity MAIN BLOG IMAGE   Golden Week is a Japanese festival renowned for a cluster of national holidays that stretch from the 29th of April to 5th of May: it has also become a period  of relaxation and shopping for many Japanese. If you did not manage to […]

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping brands and retailers accelerate their global online growth, we are starting a new series of blogs with our partners to tackle key issues and queries surrounding successful international expansion. Today we welcome Ben Morgan, Head of Partnerships from Pricesearcher.   “If I’m going into a new geography through […]

Marketplace Focus: Rakuten Ichiba


Our Marketplace Focus series provides you with insights on global online marketplaces. Today, we are taking a look at Rakuten Ichiba, the ecommerce store built by Japanese for Japanese. Click to discover why this is now the leading ecommerce platform in Japan.

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[h1] MARKETPLACE FOCUS: RAKUTEN ICHIBA Our marketplace focus series continues with Japan’s leading online marketplace, Rakuten Ichiba. Founded by the Japanese business man Hiroshi Mikitani, Rakuten Ichiba has become the largest ecommerce platform in Japan and today, is determinedly striving to open its door to the world, actively turning Japan into a more accessible ecommerce […]

Japan: small sizes make for a great opportunity


International ecommerce allows you to sell stock that might otherwise be left sitting in a warehouse. Japan is a great example of how you can take advantage of the popularity in smaller sizes by selling your lines that are too small for a UK consumer. Discover more…

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You will have to get used to very different meanings for S, M and L if you are going sell in Japan. A British woman who usually wears a smaller size, for example, a UK size 8, would be forced to look at the large racks when shopping in Japan. Japanese clothing sizes can be […]

Pentagon in conversation with Rakuten


Reid Wegner, the Cross-Border Sales Strategist at Rakuten, tells us why Japanese marketplaces are the right place for retailers looking to expand into one of the biggest ecommerce markets in the word.

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Welcome to the first in our series of marketplace interviews, where we will discover key insights and tips from online marketplaces across the world. Today we are talking to Cross-Border Sales Strategist at Rakuten, Reid Wegner. HI REID, PLEASE CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR ROLE AT RAKUTEN? As part of my role, I manage business development […]