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3 May 2016

Continuing to hold a firm position as the second fastest developing ecommerce market worldwide, Latin America is a region that is increasingly being shaped by a growing middle class that are eager for a broader selection of quality goods at more competitive prices.

The improved internet connectivity and increased mobile penetration in the region have also provided a boost to the Latin American ecommerce market, which is projected to be worth as much as $71bn by the end of the year, and will continue to grow further, reaching an estimated $87bn in 2018 – making it an increasingly attractive destination for online retailers!

With online marketplaces playing an important role in the quickly maturing ecommerce industry in the region, we take a look at the top 5 marketplaces you should consider selling on when expanding into Latin America.


MercadoLibre is an Argentinean online marketplace and Latin America’s leading ecommerce site. Founded in 1999, today, it is present in 13 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Currently, MercadoLibre enjoys more than 121 million registered users and over 28% of Latin America’s internet users access the site every month.

MercadoLibre allows its merchants to sell across a variety of product categories, including computing, electronics, home & garden, art & crafts, sports & fitness, and babies, and over 155,000 people make a living from selling on the platform.


Launched in 2011, today, Dafiti is the largest Latin American ecommerce site for fashion and lifestyle products. It’s available in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Dafiti offers a catalogue of over 125,000 products and more than 2,000 different brands of shoes, clothes, accessories, beauty and home products.

In Brazil alone, where Dafiti’s main site operates, the marketplace offers over 900 brands and more than 100,000 products, across six categories.


Linio is another leading online marketplace in Latin America that offers a wide range of products, such as electronics, technology, entertainment products, home appliances, fashion, sporting goods, babies and toys, books and personal care products.

Launched in 2012, Linio has presence in eight Latin American markets, including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Panama and Ecuador.

With more than 3 million products in its catalogue and over 9,000 marketplace stores, Linio enjoys 50,000 visits per month, 4.5 million app downloads, and over 4 million fans on its Facebook page.


Founded in 2006, Traetelo is the first cross-border online marketplace that is entirely focused on the Latin American market.

By offering convenient and secure online shopping experience, and providing access to a diverse set of products that are not available domestically, Traetelo is well-positioned to satisfy the growing needs of Latin American consumers.

Traetelo’s catalogue includes a wide range of products, such as computing, electronics, mobiles, car parts & accessories, home products, toys, sports and many others.


Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Guatemala, Iguama helps US merchants to unlock the potential of the Latin American market. At the same time, the marketplace allows Latin American consumers to access some of the most recognised online stores in the US, and to enjoy product quality and diversity they can’t find at home.

Iguama is currently present in five Latin American markets – Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica, and offers a wide range of products in the following categories: electronics, technology, sporting goods, travel accessories, toys & games, books, babies, and fashion & accessories.

The Opportunities of Selling on Linio


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