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What are the most popular online products in Mexico?

18 April 2017

A lot has changed in Mexico in recent years: the country is currently seeing a growing population, GDP and disposable income, increased online connectivity – all trends that inevitably lead to a boom in online shopping.

MEXICO a growing ecommerce_stats

[Ecommerce evolution in Mexico, EAMIPCI, Ecommerce Study in Mexico, 2016]

Mexican’s are buying like never before, both in physical shops and online, yet satisfaction seems to be at its highest with online shopping, especially via desktop computers. From May to July 2016, around seven in ten connected Mexicans made an online purchase.

Throughout this blog, we will look in detail at the purchasing trends.


The Mexican online shopper

To understand the most appropriate products to sell in a country, you need to know who the buyers are.

[Top ecommerce purchased categories in Mexico: 1. category purchased and 2. average quarterly spend, Ecommerce Study in Mexico, 2016]


Generally speaking, the Mexican population is young, and the typical online shopper more so; 22 and 34 years old make-up 39% of online buyers, and are categorised as having a medium-high education with a passion for cross-border purchases, especially from US marketplaces.

Online customers tend to live in the larger, wealthier Mexican cities in the Northern regions – Ciudad de Mexico, Estado de México, Jalisco – and a majority are male (54%) with a full-time job. Their houses are substantial, with more than four rooms and one car parked at the home entrance. Their cultural references are, not surprisingly, mainly from the USA.

Most Internet connected States in Mexico, Ecommerce Study in Mexico, 2016

[ Most Internet-connected States in Mexico, Ecommerce Study in Mexico, 2016]


This consumer profile was certainly able to attract the attention of international ecommerce giants, eBay. In June 2015, after several months of selling only digital books and electronic readers, eBay made the big leap and launched a full ecommerce website offering a broad range of products. Even with competition from established ecommerce retailers, such as MercadoLibre, Linio and Amazon, they were determined that their Mexican marketplace would be profitable and established operations in Ciudad de Mexico.


Popular products for Mexican consumers

<Mexican ecommerce MercadoLibre: example of Jewellery section, 04.2017>

[Mexican ecommerce MercadoLibre: example of Jewellery section, 04.2017]


In Mexico, apparel and accessories seen as the most popular products purchased online, with digital downloads a close second. Simple purchases of books and digital tickets are still very popular, and eBay, following a wide branding campaign over TV and Radio, became one of the largest suppliers in these categories during 2015.

Computer equipment and consumer electronics come next in the list of physical purchases made online, followed by furniture, appliances and equipment. Although furniture is relatively low on the list by units sold; the higher cost-per-item means that it still leads in overall sales value.


Mexico’s passion for fashion and jewellery

Mexico is an attractive market for accessories sellers as one of the 10 most popular online purchases is jewellery. Both women and men choose joyas (jewellery in Spanish) as an element of self-expression and also to mark most of the religious milestones of their life. Sales of precious adornments are generally on the rise in the nation, and that is definitely reflected in the ecommerce market.

A typical Mexican girl first encounters jewellery shortly after her birth when her ears are pierced, and she receives earrings as a gift. Within three months of her birth, she usually receives a virgin Mary charm on a golden necklace to mark her baptism. Then, a customary gift for her Catholic first communion is a silver bracelet with her name engraved on it, and more jewellery will arrive for her quinceañera, a special party held on her 15th birthday.

There is also a common tradition for jewellery within the Mexican families: for example, a diamond engagement ring or an elaborate gift of precious metals or stones upon the birth of the couple’s first child is very common purchase.


Start Selling into Mexico now

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[MercadoLibre Banner, 04.2017]

[MercadoLibre Banner, 04.2017]

We are already working in partnership with most of the big marketplaces in the country, including eBay, Amazon, Linio and MercadoLibre, and can offer technical advisors to facilitate the integration between your stock and the chosen Mexican marketplace.

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The Mexican ecommerce landscape


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