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6 April 2016

Tip #1. Target younger consumers

The ecommerce landscape in India increasingly caters to the younger and more tech savvy consumers with a keen eye for fashion and technology, and currently, as much as 75% of all online shoppers in India are under the age of 35. Make sure your brand messaging and product offerings appeal to younger shoppers.

Tip #2. Offer preferred payment options

Although Indian shoppers are open to using different payment methods, almost 45 % of them prefer cash-on-delivery over credit cards (16 %) and debit cards (21 %), while only 10 % opt for internet banking or cash cards. Offering a variety of payment methods is essential for your online success in India.

Tip #3. Make sure your products cater to the needs of local consumers

Currently, the most popular product categories in India are apparel, electronics, baby care products, beauty and personal care, and home furnishings. Choose your product selection carefully to make sure it appeals to local consumers.

Tip #4. Go mobile

Mobile commerce has a huge impact on the online retail industry in India, having grown by 100% over the last two years. Currently, 90% of all internet users in the country are active browsers on their mobile devices, while as much as 70% of all Indian online shoppers are expected to purchase from mobile over the next few years. Make sure your online store and product listings are well optimised for mobile.

Tip #5. Consider local culture and ethos

Indian shoppers are very respectful of their traditions and some products play a major role in India’s ethos, such as jewellery, scarves, long garments, etc. Make sure your product offering is suitable for local tastes and is not offensive to the local culture.

The Indian Ecommerce Landscape


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