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You have just missed the Japanese Golden [Week] opportunity


Golden Week denotes a period of national holidays in Japan, and sales of travel accessories and gifts see a sharp increase. This shopping culture has now become a fundamental part of the Golden Week festivities, so we explore how Western retailers can capitalise on this booming retail opportunity.

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Japan: small sizes make for a great opportunity


International ecommerce allows you to sell stock that might otherwise be left sitting in a warehouse. Japan is a great example of how you can take advantage of the popularity in smaller sizes by selling your lines that are too small for a UK consumer. Discover more…

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Pentagon in conversation with Rakuten


Reid Wegner, the Cross-Border Sales Strategist at Rakuten, tells us why Japanese marketplaces are the right place for retailers looking to expand into one of the biggest ecommerce markets in the word.

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The Japanese online shopping habits that you are ignoring


[INFOGRAPHIC] Japan is the 4th largest ecommerce market globally and is full of highly tech savvy, brand focused consumers. Check out our latest infographic to discover how you can tap into this affluent retail market.


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