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The Japanese ecommerce landscape

Japan ranks as the 4th ecommerce market in the word, with a high internet penetration, the ecommerce is valued US$111.33bn. Meet a market that is an opportunity for your business. This fact sheet provides key insights on how to tailor your international strategy to boost online success when selling into Japan and highlights the dos and don’ts for growth in the Asia-Pacific country.

About pentagon

Pentagon is a service based business that believes in driving global sales across online marketplaces through our team of over 200 ecommerce specialists. Our deep expertise in both traditional marketplaces, such as eBay & Amazon, and emerging marketplaces in countries such as China, India and Russia, combined with our end-to-end global solution, enables us to accelerate your international brand growth by removing the barriers to cross-border trade.

We offer a tailored, comprehensive and scalable turnkey solution that allows businesses of all sizes to customise the level of support needed - from a simple integration solution to a UK marketplace, all the way to fully managed online stores across multiple international marketplaces.

So whatever your goal, we will provide the tools, expertise and dedicated resources to help you succeed! Get in touch to discover how we can help you accelerate your online growth.

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