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International business just got easier with World Account


Our partners World First are revolutionising the future of international banking for small businesses and marketplaces sellers by introducing their World Account. Here they share how with one easy-to-use platform, they are able to help businesses overcome the hurdles and costs of buying and selling across borders.

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International ecommerce just got easier. Introducing World Account. Globalisation is one of the defining trends of our times. We live in an era where consumers buy across borders – sometimes even unwittingly – and where marketplaces in particular make it possible for businesses of any size to access new markets in almost any country and […]

Selecting the right online channel for your business


Our Head of Marketing, Jenni Day, explores the importance of taking the time to select the right online channel when expanding internationally. It might be easy to push your products into new markets, but getting them to sell is a different matter.

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At Pentagon, we have a lot of conversations with retailers about selecting the right online channel to help grow their global proposition. However, launching a store on a new international marketplace is the easy bit. Making that store successful… is a whole different story! Retailers need to take a consultative approach to international sales, particularly […]

Increasing your cross-border sales has never been easier. Today, eBay’s Head of European Partner Development, Sanja Kon, shares how the eBay Global Shipping Programme allows you to reach new international customers with a few straightforward clicks. Hi, Sanja, can you please tell us your role and how you help sellers on eBay with eBay Global Shipping Programme? Hi […]

South Korea has the most advanced internet business environments twinned with one of the world’s best-performing wireless networks. The country is wealthy, connected and densely populated: a fertile breeding ground for ecommerce. Almost 100% of households have an internet connection, and mobile shopping is easily accessible in an economy that ranks as the 11th largest […]

[Infographic] Online shopping in South Korea


Online shopping in South Korea in booming, currently ranked as the 7th largest retail ecommerce market, by revenue, and the 3rd largest in the Asia Pacific. Isn’t it about time you started thinking about South Korea?

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