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Do you have a strategy for promotions on eBay?


What is better: a codeless coupon or a sale event? eBay offers many and flexible promotions to meet your marketing needs. Make sure you fully understand each promotion to get the most of it and drive your eBay sales growth. Get noticed today

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eBay is not only one of the biggest online marketplaces, it is also one of the most heavily trafficked websites worldwide. So making sure you have a clear launch strategy for a new product, can be the difference between huge sales success and mediocre results. Tapping into the promotion and deals tools on eBay is […]

Selling on Trade Me? Do you really know everything you need in order to sell successfully sell in New Zealand? Trade Me is ranked as the most popular ecommerce platform in New Zealand and almost 90% of the Kiwi population has a Trade Me account. In our interview with Trade Me’s Global Ecommerce Manager, David Swift, you will discover how […]

If you are looking to sell on international marketplaces, you need to consider more than simply enabling delivery options through existing domestic sites or assuming your foreign language site will become a success. Brands need to look at the end-to-end service to compete on a global scale. Below we have provided a series of tips […]

Developing a comprehensive ecommerce strategy is important to any business searching for success online, and selecting the right people to support this strategy can be even more important. We answer some of the key questions you might have when selecting the right internal resources for your ecommerce business. [H3] Do I need to hire specific […]

Today Pentagon talks to Sophia Tsao, the VP of Newegg Global. Thanks to her positive leadership and the big power of a small team, the marketplace platform has grown rapidly to become a half billion dollar business unit within Newegg, and has expanded its seller programme internationally to include sellers from more than 35 countries. […]

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