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7 Top Marketplaces to reach online shoppers in New Zealand and Australia

6 December 2016

Driven by 18-39 year olds, the New Zealand and Australia cross-border ecommerce market is booming, with the USA, UK and China being the key markets for online consumers looking for that must have item. However, with almost 17 million savvy and highly engaged online shoppers between them, New Zealand and Australia are fantastic destinations for UK retailers looking to expand their overseas portfolio.

In this post, we explore the online platforms you cannot afford to overlook when selling to consumers in this part of the world.



Boasting more users than Facebook, Trade Me is a household name in New Zealand and is ranked as the most popular ecommerce platform in the country. Indeed, Trade Me is so entrenched in New Zealand’s culture that buyers are more likely to resell unwanted products on the marketplace than return them to the original seller, resulting in a returns rate of less than 1%.

According to Trade Me’s live site statistics, the multi-category marketplace has over 4 million members (representing 88% of New Zealand’s population), 3.8 million live listings, more than 700,000 daily visitors and sees the most traffic on Mondays. This platform offers international sellers a fantastic opportunity to sell last season’s stock or quality branded products, which are currently unavailable in the country, at full price.



eBay is the 5th most popular online site and the leading ecommerce platform in Australia, a market that is expected to surpass US$24 billion by 2018.

With a broad category range, access to eBay’s cross-border trade programme, tax exemption on foreign purchases under US$765 and more than 14.8 million potential online shoppers, eBay is a great platform for retailers looking to get started in Australia.



If you are looking to sell your excess or slow moving stock, seconds, reconditioned goods, liquidated inventory or last season’s stock, GraysOnline is the place for you!

GraysOnline is an Australian online retail and auction site, offering a huge range of consumer, industrial and commercial goods, by acting as an alternative sales channel for manufacturers and distributors. The marketplace supports sellers with warehousing, valuation, marketing, fulfilment, fast payment and customer service to provide a cost-effective and highly efficient way to get the most out of your inventory.

They also have a team of industry specialists, from wine to consumer electronics, who are on hand to advise on the best way to reach new customers and increase sales through the platform.



Despite not having a separate website in New Zealand, Amazon is key ecommerce platform for both Australia and New Zealand, specifically for books.

The US$107 billion multi-category business has plans to open distribution centres in cities around Australia in 2017 to enable it to deliver goods to customers, allow customers to pick up goods from its fulfilment centres and broaden the product  range to include more general merchandise, such as electronics, clothing, sports, and outdoor goods. There are even signs that Amazon Fresh may land in the country later next year.



Founded back in 2000, Gumtree is Australia’s answer to the local classified ads. The marketplace was originally designed as a community site to connect people who were planning to move to a new neighbourhood, and is now one of the largest websites for supplying goods and services in Australia. After being acquired by eBay in 2005, Gumtree is now ranked as the 10th most popular site in the country.

Gumtree is a predominately free listings website, with paid promotional options to increase visibility, and has an extensive social media presence across Twitter and Facebook where it showcases news and information about brand and product promotions.



WOW HD is an online retailer offering games, CD’s, DVD’s books, and cosmetics. Similar to Amazon, it offers websites in and ships from multiple countries, as well as providing free shipping worldwide on all products, expect cosmetics.

The pure-play marketplace is an affiliate of Access Digital Entertainment who are the first online retailer to offer UltraViolet enabled digital content, further establishing their position as a digital media platform.



Founded in New Zealand, Ezibuy is currently the largest multi-channel retailer in Australasia, specialising in clothes, homeware and gifts. Customers purchase products via the website, from catalogues and also through retail stores in New Zealand.

Ezibuy mails over 23 million catalogues every year and processes more than 1.75 million orders annually.


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