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18 October 2016

Diwali (or the ‘festival of lights’) is one of the most prominent Hindu festivals in India, celebrating the victory of light over darkness, and is increasingly becoming one of the major shopping events in the region. Already being compared to other landmark world holidays, such as Christmas and Ramadan, it is estimated that a huge 35% of all India retail sales will take place during the three week period between Sharad Narvaratri and Diwali.

With less than two weeks to go, Diwali takes place on 30th October this year, ecommerce players in the region have already seen Indian consumers getting caught up in the spirit of this major festival.

Diwali: The growth of a major shopping event

Over the past two years, Diwali has become a leading event for online retail, with all of India’s major ecommerce companies running massive holiday sales both before and during the festive season. Last October alone, Indian consumers bought over $1 billion worth of merchandise online, ranging from everything from clothes and electronics, to jewellery and cars.

With online sales around Diwali expected to grow even further this year, reaching the astounding $1.8 billion, Diwali presents retailers with a huge opportunity to increase online sales and boost international brand awareness. Retailers looking to expand internationally should also look to other major holidays or events to boost online sales, since there is already an established peak in traffic to local ecommerce platforms and a desire to buy.

what are Indian consumers shopping for around diwali?

While looking for traditional gifts, Indian online shoppers are also eager to see a wide range of online deals being made available by retailers in the weeks leading up to Diwali, with the aim of  selecting the best gifts for their friends, family and loved ones.

This year, the most sought after products are mobile phones, tablets, apparel, shoes, accessories, home and kitchen products, computers, electronic appliances and beauty products.

marketplaces leading the way during local events

Quick to adapt to local consumer tastes and promotional events, online marketplaces operating in India have already successfully set up their Diwali sales campaigns.

Local ecommerce leaders, Snapdeal, and popular fashion marketplace, Myntra, have already announced their Diwali fashion sales, promoting discounts of up to 70% off on a number of local and international branded fashion products.



Similarly, local online marketplaces and have also created dedicated Diwali sections on their ecommerce platforms, where shoppers can find a huge selection of discounted electronics, home appliances, TV sets, kitchen gadgets, and many more.



International online giants, Amazon and eBay are also getting in on the act, and have already created dedicated deals pages, allowing shoppers to select from a wide range of discounted products, which includes mobile phones and accessories, home and kitchen appliances, laptops and TVs, watches, and many more.



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The Indian Ecommerce Landscape


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