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5 April 2016


Russia is one of the fastest growing online markets worldwide and is Russia’s leading ecommerce platform.

Established back in 1998 and being the first Russian web retailer, Ozon is now the most recognisable online store in the country. Currently, Ozon has more than 16 million clients in its database, enjoys over 850,000 unique users every day and has more than 7 million downloads of its mobile app.


With its 31 million online shoppers, representing around 21.5% of the country’s 144 million population and 39.2% of all active internet users, Russia represents a growing online market that retailers can’t afford to overlook.

Cross-border shopping is particularly attractive in Russia, since consumers are looking for more competitive prices or products that are not available at home. So, it’s no surprise that cross-border ecommerce revenues have increased by an impressive 88% from 2014 to 2015, with this increase expected to grow further throughout 2016.

Although Russian consumers are open to purchasing a wide range of products online, the most popular product categories in the country are books, electronics, home appliances, moms & kids, sporting goods, apparel and shoes.


With more than 4 million listings, across 14 key product groups, Ozon represents a lucrative selling channel for international retailers operating across a variety of product verticals.

Currently, the fastest growing product categories on Ozon are shoes, apparel, cosmetics, moms & kids and sporting goods, so retailers specialising in these categories are extremely well-positioned to cater to the needs of Russian consumers.

Ozon’s well-developed delivery infrastructure of more than 2,000 pick-up points, over 600 postomats, delivery to more than 3,300 towns, as well as the company’s strategic focus on mobile commerce, makes Ozon the most preferred online shopping destination in Russia, with a turnover exceeding 40 billion RUB.


You can of course sign up as a seller directly on Ozon, however, you will need to invest time and resources in capturing the specifics of the local market.

Alternatively, as market leading experts in global online marketplaces, Pentagon can accelerate your international growth by setting up and managing your store directly on Ozon.

We will provide a technical advisor to manage the integration between your brand and Ozon, an account manger to oversee the day-to-day running of your branded store, optimise product titles and boost sales through platform deals, a translations service to align all product descriptions and titles with local language nuances, and customer services support to ensure the expectations of local shoppers are met.

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