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Retail without borders
23rd march, 2017 | QEII CENTRE, LONDON


at retail without borders


About the speaker

TranslateMedia is a translations and language services agency which specialises in retail and ecommerce.

Maggie leads the retail and eCommerce team and has worked with retailers and brands for the past six years to optimise their international sales and marketing communications.

She advises clients about how to communicate with customers via digital media, using an appropriate tone of voice in the local language while making sure that the brand and products stand out from their competitors.

TranslateMedia was the first languages company in EMEA to develop an automated link between translations workflow and retail content management systems. Today, innovative technology solutions are a key element in Maggie and her teams’ work in localisation and content creation.

About Translatemedia

TranslateMedia is a language service provider and technology company that helps global brands and eCommerce retailers expand into new developed and emerging markets globally. The company leverages its network of over 7000 in-country, native, professional translators to deliver high-quality localised content in over 90 languages.

TranslateMedia can help you ensure that your marketing messages are culturally adapted to suit the needs of specific target audiences in local markets while maintaining the intent, style, tone of voice and context of the original. The company provides the technology to seamlessly integrate your eCommerce store or content management system with its state-of-the-art translation management platform – allowing for high levels of automation while delivering high-quality, search engine optimised content regardless of the target country, language or audience.

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