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British people, it seems, are the biggest online shopping addicts in Europe, with the largest B2C ecommerce market. In 2015, online sales revenue for retailers in the UK was US$ 174.2 billion, greater than the same figures for France and Germany combined. The following year, it rose to US$ 192.5 billion. It’s clear that it […]

How important is the 14th of February for a marketplace? Obviously, above all else, it depends on national customs. Generally, Valentine’s Day is a key celebration for commerce markets across the globe, but not for all of them. There are some nations where it is not even allowed. Iran and Indonesia, to name a few, are zones where […]

Protect your brand from Chinese counterfeits


It is no secret that China is the world’s largest ecommerce market, but the prevalence of counterfeit goods can put brands off selling in this lucrative market. This blog explores a few of the steps you can take to protect your brand from Chinese counterfeits.

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Shortly before Christmas it was announced that the U.S. Trade Representative added Alibaba’s C2C online marketplace, Taobao, to a list of “notorious markets” that traffic in counterfeit goods. While Alibaba have recently taken steps to tackle counterfeit sellers, a study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that the Chinese counterfeits industry brings in around […]

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